Dark blue Coca-Cola brand logo. One of the brands that Mediaverse worked with in content creation.

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April 2018 throughout 2019

The Company / Program 

Coca-Cola FEMSA is the leading bottler and marketer of multi-category drinks, and Mexico counts for the largest market in the world for Coca-Cola. The company is committed to creating economic value and social and environmental welfare hand in hand with their stakeholders.

We had been having a long-term relationship with Coca-Cola FEMSA, we had produced several videos for the commercial area and had constant communication with them. Coca-Cola Company handles marketing globally, and has bottlers in every country. In Latin America, the bottling company is called Coca-Cola FEMSA.

With 17 production plants, 145 distribution centers, 74.6 million people served, and more than 850 thousand selling points, Coca-Cola FEMSA has a huge presence in Mexico.

The Challenge

The company was integrating new products into its portfolio, and as a part of the onboarding process for employees, they wanted to have a communication piece in a jingle format, which talked about Coca-Cola FEMSA’s complete product portfolio.

The Solution

We participated in a bidding process, and when we won, we immersed ourselves into the video production process. We wrote the script, participated in the shooting and also in the post-production phase.

The Result

The result was very positive: despite having created the video in 2017, the company continued to use it until some time ago.

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