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Onboarding Videos for Hoteles MX

April 2019

The Company / Program

Hoteles MX likes their staff to be well informed about where they live and work, because for them, sharing this local experience with their guests is essential. They want to turn trips into a unique experience, making sure every guest meets their purpose. Having said this, for Hoteles Mexico, the onboarding process for new recruits is a key part of the training of their personnel.

The Challenge

Hoteles MX reached out to us with the need to create videos that could replace their current onboarding process for new employees - something that we had already done in previous years for other companies. Being an industry with high turnover, they were spending too many resources and time whenever they hired new employees. When looking for ways to solve that problem, they decided to do it through video.

The Solution

After studying the brand personality and meeting the HR and Marketing areas, we developed 7 videos highlighting the most relevant points of the onboarding process of the chain's operational employees. The videos showcase Mexico city's main attractions, the hotels, their amenities, and their staff, together with attractive illustrative animations to add dynamism and energy.

The Result 

With these videos, the group achieved significant savings in its onboarding process for new employees, and was able to rest assured it shared the same information, no matter which hotel of the chain was the one hiring. They are all familiar with the same voice: the voice of Hoteles MX.

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