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Ray Ban #ItTakesCourage

August 2018

The company / program

Luxottica is the global leader in luxury and premium eyewear. The Italian company designs, manufactures and distributes the most classic eyewear brands in the world, such as the iconic Ray-Ban.

The Challenge

In 2016, Ray-Ban launched #ItTakesCourage, an extensive campaign comprising 8 parts with a focus on the brand’s DNA: the courage to be yourself. In Mexico, where Ray-Ban has a strong presence, the brand wanted to convey the message through the lenses of urban art.

The Solution

We invited a couple of urban Mexican artists to give their version of what would be an act of courage for them, inspired by the 8 pillars of the #ItTakes Courage campaign: Open Your Heart, Fight Perfection, Face Critics, Do Your Part, Push Yourself, Start New, Unplug, and Face Your Fears. After a period of negotiation, we got a wall in Mexico City, where the artists expressed their courageous interpretations in the form of graffiti.

We also produced a video, 8 Actos de Coraje en la Ciudad, with the two main artists involved in the action, Alex y Jenaro. In the film, they explain why they do urban art and how it is an act of courage. 

The Result

We told an inspiring story and created a bond between the brand and the new generations. This story led to different other activations and events across Mexico during that year, like the #ItTakesCourage activations for the Vive Latino and Pa’l Norte Festivals.

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