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Business Resiliency through Financial Education Learning Program

May to December 2020

The Company / Program

#SheMeansBusiness is a Meta program that seeks to encourage women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and adapt to the digital market. In 2020, #SheMeansBusiness expanded its scope to support COVID-19 inclusive recovery efforts, by including business resiliency through financial education, to equip women entrepreneurs with knowledge on how to develop their own business and financial plans in challenging times.

The Challenge

Meta trusted us to develop a course consisting of learning modules and quick and simple video capsules in different languages, designed to help boost female small business owners’ financial management skills.

The Solution 

We developed 10 financial content modules, containing both basic financial theory and some practical exercises which we localized and adapted to each of the Latin American countries in the scope: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. The modules included content on:

  • Financial Goals, 
  • Personal Financial Health, 
  • Business Financial Health, 
  • Financial Needs, 
  • How to build Financial Reports, 
  • Establishing Costs & Pricing, 
  • Business Plan Strategy, 
  • How to Finance your Business, 
  • Financial Services, and 
  • Crisis Management. 

These modules underwent a strict approval process with Meta’s legal team, which ensured they were on point and ready to be shared. The program also implemented a co-design process with community partners to guarantee its local value before implementing the program. This meant collaborating not only with different teams at Meta but also with different partners across the countries in scope.

After this first stage was completed and the content was ready, we scripted 12 short training videos and produced them in six different languages ​​with an educational strategy designed in motion graphics.

The Result

The content was launched in 4 Latin American countries in 2020: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, and was also used and adapted for deployment in the Philippines and Indonesia. In 2021, we were also asked to adapt and localize the content for deployment in Nigeria.

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