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Business Learning Program for Small Businesses

April to September 2021

The Company / Program

WhatsApp Business, together with local implementation partners, launched in 2021 a program designed to support entrepreneurs and small service providers with free and exclusive training on the tools WhatsApp Business offers and its best practices. The program aimed to motivate entrepreneurs to re-activate their businesses and to help them better connect with their clients, so as to strengthen the economic recovery of the sectors most affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

WhatsApp trusted us to develop an end-to-end learning program consisting of 18 learning modules and 17 video capsules that represented real-life situations and learnings, all in 3 different languages, designed to help small business owners to better connect with their clients and improve their business processes. 

The Solution

For 6 months we worked on developing 18 learning modules covering all aspects and functionalities of WhatsApp Business. We carefully crafted this content having small business owners in mind at all times, and collaborating with the WhatsApp team, who constantly guided us through the marketing and legal aspects of the content.  

From these modules, which were translated and localized for use in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, we created scripts to apply all these concepts to real businesses and real people, developing fictional businesses and real-life situations to represent this learning through characters with whom the audience could identify. With production teams working in parallel in both Brazil and Mexico, we created 18 video capsules in three languages depicting the conversations of a baker and a contractor who together, learn to use WhatsApp Business from scratch and to apply it to their businesses to grow their audience and professionalize their processes.

The content included: 

  • A program overview and why use WhatsApp Business
  • Getting started with WhatsApp Business, downloading and backing up
  • Creating an Engaging Business Profile
  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Tips to Improve Productivity
  • Automatic Replies & Broadcasting Messages
  • Sharing Short Links & QR Codes
  • Linking to Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook Ads that lead to a WhatsApp Chat
  • WhatsApp Groups
  • Saving Time while using the app
  • Staying Safe while using WhatsApp Business
  • Preventing Misinformation

A holistic project which involved content development, design, illustrations, script-writing, translation and localization, production, recording, animation, and even subtitling.

The Result 

More than 33K people trained in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

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