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COVID-19 Tutorial Videos

August to December 2021

The Company / Program

Technology became fundamental during the COVID-19 pandemic, and communication and connectivity companies became vehicles of health and personal connection between people. So, in March 2020, and with the lockdown scenario, WhatsApp, together with local governments and other organizations, realized the importance of highlighting WhatsApp as a key communication tool between families, communities, friends, and professionals so as not to lose contact in the lockdown.

The Challenge

To create animated tutorial videos and audios that would help people and professionals get the most out of the application during lockdown, and to position WhatsApp as a communications solution both for family and friends but also for telemedicine.

The Solution

We produced 3 animated video tutorials on how to get the most out of the application: one video with tips on how to stay connected with family and friends, one with tips on how to share information responsibly, and one for healthcare professionals and how to do telemedicine.  

In record time, the WhatsApp team worked on draft texts which we adapted and turned to scripts. While these scripts were under validation by the product and legal team, we worked on defining look & feel and started sketching illustrations. By then, we were facing another challenge, which was that we needed to think of a solution to make these materials available to people in remote locations with low connectivity. For this reason, we created lighter audio files, ensuring proper distribution even in low connectivity scenarios. 

62 assets were created in 3 months in three different languages under this project that involved sketching illustrations, defining palettes, animating, and translating, in addition to the usual narrative and script creation processes.

The Result

A project that helped us position ourselves as holistic content creators within WhatsApp, and which opened the door to other amazing and challenging projects with them.

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