With the multitude of content agencies available today, it can be challenging for companies to make a decision and find the perfect match. Many businesses rely on outsourcing their content needs, as they may not have a full-time content team. However, it is crucial to find a content team that understands your brand voice, content strategy, and can create compelling, on-brand content to help you reach our goals. 

Here are some tips to help you find the right content team for your business:

1. Why Work with a Content Agency?

First, you may be wondering, what is a content agency? A content agency comprises an expert team that assimilates your content strategy and comes up with media solutions. This team typically includes project or account managers, graphic designers, copywriters, editors, animators, and more. By working with a content team, you gain access to a diverse range of skills and expertise through a single source of accountability.

2. Check Their Portfolio

One of the simplest ways to validate industry expertise is by reviewing a content agency's portfolio. Ask for examples of past projects that align with your business needs. A content creation agency with relevant experience will have a good head start and be able to deliver high-quality work efficiently. You can look for testimonials that validate their alleged expertise on their About Us page or social media channels.

3. Inquire About Processes and Communication Tools

Ensure that the content team you choose understands your brand guidelines and utilizes effective communication tools. For example, here at Mediaverse we use Asana for project management to offer transparency on project statuses and approvals. If they incorporate AI tools to speed up production turnaround and enhance efficiency, that’s also a big plus.

4. Look for End-to-End Services

Accountability is crucial in saving time and money for every project. It is advantageous to find a content team that offers long-term, end-to-end services, from the initial brief to final delivery, including iterations, adaptations, and localizations. This comprehensive approach trumps multi-vendor approaches to ensure that all aspects of the content creation process are taken care of efficiently to not lose time or waste effort. 

5. Get to Know the Team

While you may not need to meet every individual on the content team, it is essential to discuss project specifics with the point of contact (POC) assigned to you. Understanding the expertise and capabilities of the team behind the scenes is crucial. They should be willing to thoroughly study your brand, audience, and even your competitors' content. At Mediaverse, for example, we offer a single point of contact in your time zone to ensure effective communication and swift execution.

6. Content Strategies Employed

Look beyond the surface-level content offerings. Consider whether the agency focuses on specific tactics or strategies. For instance, at Mediaverse, we specialize in creating content that enhances product and service discovery, learning, and adoption. Our approach emphasizes compelling storytelling to bring your narrative to life. We also use the SCRUM framework to stay agile and adaptable to changes in priorities or needs. Seek out content teams that prioritize not just the end result but also the process itself.

7. Set a Reasonable Budget

Most agencies are flexible and willing to work within your budget. Communicate your budget constraints and they will provide realistic deliverables and turnarounds based on the resources available. At Mediaverse, we’re a Latino content team that offers cost-effective content solutions, leveraging production capabilities in Latin America to lower costs while maintaining high-quality deliverables. Additionally, our multilingual team can help you navigate different cultural landscapes more seamlessly.

8. Effective Communication and Clear Goals

Remember, while the content agency may know the "how" of each project, you hold the knowledge of the "why." Providing your team with a comprehensive project brief will enable them to become advocates for your brand or product through a creative lens. Clearly communicate your needs and goals to the team so they can help you produce content to achieve them effectively. Set clear, reasonable goals and time frames for each project. The clearer you are in your communication, the more productive the team can be.

In Conclusion 

By following these tips, you can find the right content team that aligns with your brand voice, strategy, and vision. A skilled and collaborative content agency will not only deliver exceptional results but also become a valuable, long-term partner in your business journey. Need a comprehensive content crew? Let’s chat

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