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All-inclusive content for Meta Policy Programs

May 2017 - June 2023

The Company / Program

Meta Policy Programs LatAm is a team at Meta that focuses their work on fostering innovation, shaping a better regulatory environment, boosting economic opportunities and inclusion for vulnerable communities in the region, ultimately helping to build a more connected and fair Latin America around technology and internet access. 

To achieve this, they divide their efforts into: 1. Helping people better understand and use their products and technologies through tailored programs. 2. Sharing stories of impact with policymakers, journalists, and other partners to invite endorsement and positive change.

The Challenge

Meta Policy Programs needed content in various formats to convey impact as well as serve as program materials to expand program reach. The content included: one-pagers, training decks, presentations for events, program videos, event coverages, graphic design, landing pages, AR filters, and more. To add to this challenge: the pandemic. Production couldn't be delayed and naturally, quality is unnegotiable. 

The Solution 

To achieve this, it took a dedicated, all-in-one content crew with points of contact in various locations, brand guideline proficiency, and content consistency for a work area of 7.4 million sq mi. 

Re: multiple locations, being a multicultural team, we swiftly established a solid network of coordinators and points of contact for Spanish-speaking Latin America and Brazil, using collaboration management tools such as Asana and Wipster to stay efficient and transparent. 

Re: content in all formats, that was our jam, and our awesome team of content creators aced the task by utilizing Agile methodology and Scrum framework to slice up complex projects into manageable chunks with clear goals and timelines. 

Re: pandemic navigation, we started remote working before it was cool! So distance wasn’t an issue and we followed health protocols to make sure both ourselves and our work were in the best shape possible. 

Re: volume of work and content consistency, we participated in 4 rounds of brand guideline updates and 3 rounds of Meta’s Third Party Assessments to ensure that we stayed on brand throughout the years and could quickly respond to changes and emergencies. 

The Result

We became a part of the changing narrative and format innovation at Meta, creating content in both traditional formats as well as new ones. Be it 16:9 videos or AR filters and VR experiences, we strived to deliver in style and in quality, subsequently expanding our technical and narrative skills along the way. 

The content we produced helped the client to work with multiple NGOs and communities in generating positive social impact and achieving systemic communication with transparency. For their many initiatives such as the COVID-19 information campaign and the #SheMeansBusiness financial resilience program, Mediaverse was the helpful muscle that helped Meta Policy reach multiple milestones and drive change.

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