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Cal-Opex turns into Nexa EAM

November 2020

The Company / Program

Cal-Opex was a mid-size company dedicated to providing calibration and maintenance services to the pharmaceutical and life-science industry. Founded by an Irish family, the company grew at a fast pace thanks to their expertise and the pharmaceutical companies' needs.

The challenge

Cal-Opex’s services and value proposition started to expand, and the need for a new name to better describe the scope of their brilliant team of experts came up in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. With this new name, they needed a video to effectively communicate the reason behind the change, and at the same time, describe their new approach to new and potential clients. 

The solution

It was easy for us to accomplish the objective since they were very clear on what they wanted to communicate; they just needed a little help from their friends at Mediaverse to execute it.

We decided to honor their great success story and simplify the message with a clean minimalistic video but with sophisticated and sleek animation where the star was the new company, NEXA EAM. The video was shot in Pennsylvania, with the difficulties of shooting during a global pandemic, edited in Mexico, and animated in Argentina, with a fast-paced process and hand in hand with our client.

The result

The video was well accepted by internal and external audiences; the new name was a success, and the video helped with attaining new clients and played a role in Nexa’s buyout by Transcat, a US national company, an expert in calibration and equipment for the life-sciences industry.

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