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Digital Skills development program in Indigenous Languages

May 2022

The Program

Meta Boost is a program that promotes the use of digital tools among small business owners to foster their growth. In this special edition of the program, the goal was to deploy it to different indigenous communities in Mexico, being culturally relevant and in their mother tongue, to stimulate social inclusion and promote equal economic opportunities.

The Challenge

To create educational materials to promote the use of digital tools among small businesses in different Mexican indigenous communities. The challenge: to create them in the languages ​​of each of the communities, and in especially light formats, since the target audience has very limited access to the Internet.

The Solution

After co-designing the topics to be covered with an allied foundation, and identifying the best pedagogy to apply for this specific audience, we decided to put together 5 packages consisting of:

  • an infographic, covering theoretical material,
  • a checklist, to encourage practical application, and
  • An audio file that narrated a case study, where all these concepts were applied to a business case in a practical way, as an example.

Once this content was developed, we worked closely with members of the community who helped us translate and localize the content into each of the languages, and with a government agency that gave us support in verifying the correct application. This is how we finally shared content about Digital Citizenship, Social Media Management, Promotion of Business, Exchange of Experiences, and Costs and Prices.

The Result

4 different communities in Chiapas, Campeche, and Estado de Mexico were trained with these materials, managing to obtain engagement and high participation. 

As a result of our hard work, we were later invited by Meta to participate in an exhibition event with 100 indigenous small business owners, policymakers, and the press. The client provided us with our own booth at the event so that we could deliver mini-workshops to further expand the impact of the materials we had created, delivering tips and tricks on how to create engaging content for business’ social media. 

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