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Meta Spark training videos for Augmented Reality

January - September 2022

The Company / Program 

Meta Spark Curriculum is an online course that was designed to guide creators to develop augmented reality. It consists of 22 hours of learning content divided into 3 levels, ranging from the first steps in the creation of filters for Instagram and Facebook, to their development through programming code.

The Challenge

Looking to increase the community of creators in Latin America and the Caribbean, we were commissioned to localize all the content of the program into Spanish and Portuguese, also adding the production of 4 extra lessons in English to add to the existing material.

We had a very ambitious timeline, the challenge to shoot in different cities all across the Americas paying special attention to maintaining consistency in look and feel, and a recent post-pandemic context that further complicated shootings.

The Solution

We started with what identifies us: we studied. We put together a dedicated team, who trained to gain an in-depth understanding of the Spark platform. Then, we organized the work in a way that allowed us to guarantee quality, speed, and consistency:

  • We divided the production process into 3 stages, one for each level of the course.
  • We prepared guidelines for both creators and the production team to set a norm for the production.
  • We localized the scripts with our signature double-check process and the client's check.
  • We established remote monitoring via video call on each shoot, to ensure that the requirements established in the guidelines were met in all sets.
  • We distributed the post-production among 8 editors, putting together a production in series to meet the time determined in the schedule, centralizing the design of templates and compositions, editing, and then moving on to animation.
  • We established internal check and double-check stages to ensure that each of the videos was in good condition prior to its viewing by the client.

The Result

Several months of hard work resulted in 128 videos accruing a total of 22 hours. Within days of its launch, hundreds of youngsters signed up for the program and today thousands are already part of the community of AR professionals.

We had the scoop on the learning since LATAM was the first region to receive content adapted to train creators in the use of Spark, and therefore the MV team had it as well. In short, it was a project that meant both external and internal growth and strengthened our values as a team.

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