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Toolkit Hub Videos

August to December 2021

The Company / Program 

The team at WhatsApp had the project of creating a WhatsApp Tools hub, with the aim of helping small businesses find all WhatsApp tools in one place for easy access. Focused on creating a unified voice of guidance, they wanted to make the onboarding of their products and tools easier to digest and to navigate, building the experiences into the product (WhatsApp).

The Challenge 

We were asked to create short animated videos that showcased the value of 3 key WhatsApp Business features in a quick and straightforward way; to communicate how to adopt these tools and how these can benefit small businesses while helping them familiarize themselves with the WhatsApp Business app.

The ultimate goal of these videos was to enable, educate, and empower small businesses to capture value from Meta’s cross-family messaging tools, so they could drive awareness, consideration, and more valuable outcomes for themselves across Meta technologies.

The Solution

Focusing on three key features of the app, we scripted short 90 second videos that - without the need for any voiceover or explanation - show the value of each of these features. We worked to find a fine balance between an educational how-to format and an entertaining video, so as to ensure maximum engagement while also showcasing how to onboard certain features. 

After the scripts were ready, we illustrated & storyboarded, and animated the videos in 2D but also incorporated 3D elements. We also worked on the sound-design in house.  

The value proposition videos included the following features: 

  • Downloading WhatsApp Business
  • Adding a WhatsApp call-to-action to a Facebook page or Instagram profile
  • Creating a Facebook Ad with a call-to-action that leads to a WhatsApp Business chat.

The Result

The project is still under implementation! Watch this space for results to come.

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