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WhatsApp Business | Brazil CTWA Campaign

April 2024

The Product

Ads that click to WhatsApp offer a fast and convenient way for businesses to reach new clients. By starting a conversation in WhatsApp, these ads let customers interact with the business in a familiar way, creating a powerful entry point that elevates the business messaging experience. Our client needed a set of highly unique videos to promote this product to local businesses.

The Challenge

Meta Creative and WhatsApp commissioned us to create a series of 4 dynamic tutorials, driven by 8 animated short ads, featuring a set of unique stickers for the Brazilian market. The turnaround was tight, and the required attention to detail plus daily iterations across 5 time zones was taxing.

The Solution

Lots of hands-on work, coordination meetings, and pure resilience. We worked with O2 Filmes from Brazil, an extraordinary group of creative and technical professionals who helped us with creative direction and production in São Paulo. Our Lead Producer Micaela from Buenos Aires flew to São Paulo to oversee and offer assistance to production work and to witness how O2 Filmes worked like champions. Our veteran motion animator Oscar was in charge of all WhatsApp-specific animations and became O2's advisor and helping hand on everything Figma-related. Our dedicated teams in Mexico and Argentina also worked around the clock to help with brand guideline enforcement, localizations, designs, animation, subtitling, and hundreds of other small tasks that we can no longer recall in such a short timeline. It was a hectic and efficient blur of a sprint.

The Result 

Voila! A set of fun, exquisite tutorials that breaks the 4th wall and invites audiences to participate in learning about the product and its possibilities. The short ads were aired on Facebook and Instagram and the quirky stickers we created were one-of-a-kind. Thanks to the agility and perseverance of multiple teams involved, we achieved the impossible and perfected these marketing assets on time, on brand.

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