WhatsApp Business Video ad

November 2022 - February 2023

The Company 

WhatsApp Business is a free app for business users that helps them grow their business and streamline their operations. The platform thrives because it meets people where they already are – in a conversation – and connects businesses with their customers in a familiar and engaging way. 

The Challenge

To promote the app that was already widely popular, the client wanted an eye-catching, splashy video to generate new excitement and increase awareness. The asset would be distributed in multiple channels and would need to be customizable in length and format, all realized within a controlled budget. 

A curveball was thrown after the completion of the asset that required content tailoring to redirect the creative to updated strategies and product reprioritization while remaining professional and attention-grabbing. 

The Solution

We developed a script and searched for a suitable business that fit the style and description of an existing fictitious business designated by the client, made possible by art direction and set design. Then we located actors that could represent the target markets, celebrated the Argentinian World Cup win in a frenzy, and dove into the shoot with a big production team in Buenos Aires, staying cost-efficient by doing so, and finally, completed post-production work in Argentina and Mexico. 

The Result

We completed a 1-minute-video that checked all the  requirements of the client and presented the creative with unique storytelling and animation. A short version was made as we knew it would be useful and necessary for the marketing campaigns to follow, with multiple taglines and music choices proposed before ultimately settling on an end product that turned out to not be so..! 

When the client’s agenda and strategy shifted, the asset had to be updated and we quickly mobilized ourselves and adjusted the video to better fit their new needs. We achieved this with zero issue as flexibility was already a consideration and at Mediaverse we are well-prepared for change! 

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